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"The blonde singer, Rebecca Comerford delivering original songs (including the title track) in front of a red velvet curtain with emerald carpet at the rear end of a dingy bar... certainly is seductive. Each new iteration of the thematic bass line is accompanied by another tableau, culminating in a giant Fibonacci spiral of photographs on a salt-wash plain." Fionnuala Halligan for Screen Daily, review of Land of Dreams premiere at the 2021 Venice Film Festival.
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"Playing opposite the monumental O’Connell would seem to be an impossible assignment, but Eisenberg is note-perfect as his steady servant and go-to guy. Supporting ensemble couldn’t be more colorful. Eddie Pepitone, Jim Gaffigan, Ann Dowd, Diane Kagan and Rebecca Comerford (as a gypsy psychic) are among the standouts."Robert Koehler review of The Living Wake, Variety Magazine

"Mr. Hegland, a director from Norway has staged a fluidly paced production with some intricate ensemble scenes that are almost choreographed...It was a dynamic show. Neal Moeller’s menacing Macheath, R. Paul Hamilton’s imposing old Peachum, Caroline Kaplan’s calculating Polly and Rebecca Comerford’s manic Lucy were standouts."Anthony Tomasinni review of  Off Broadway Production of  The Three Penny Opera for The New York Times

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"In Rossini’s La Cenerentola, performers triumph. David Edwards portrayal of the wicked stepsisters is one of incessant vanity, with both sisters conceived as zany grotesques. Rebecca Comerford as Tisbe with her hilarious pigeon toed walk and Sequina DuBose as Clorinda are as dynamic and colorful as their voices." Memphis Commercial Appeal

"The music and humor carry the audience through the hour and forty five minute performance while singer Rebecca Comerford upholds her end of the bargain with a meaty mezzo, impressive in color and style." New York Theater Magazine review of Sopranos 

Thinking about all the beautiful connections made @connectbeyondfestival this past week. *

"Mezzo Soprano Rebecca Comerford as the beggar woman again showed outstanding musicianship and acting skills. It is clear that these young actors/musicians are the future of theatre in America, such is the maturity of their skills and commitment to the stage." Classical Voice Magazine review of the Brevard Music Festival

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